Smoke-free signs aim to keep air fresh

A young boy stands with two woman in front of colourful playground equipment. One woman holds a certificate that reads Please do not smoke near our playgrounds.
Ashton Pereira of Bicton enjoying some fresh air thanks to staff including Town of East Fremantle’s Shelley Cocks and SMHS’s Angela Gabriels.
February 21, 2020

Getting some fresh air in East Fremantle’s popular playgrounds and parks will be even easier thanks to the local council and South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS).

The Town of East Fremantle’s environment staff and SMHS’s Health Promotion team joined forces on a project to install signs reminding playground users that smoking is banned within 10 metres of children's play equipment in outdoor public places in WA.

An audit of the Town’s main playgrounds last year found that smoking was an issue at some, particularly Norm McKenzie Reserve.

‘No Smoking near Playgrounds’ signs have now been installed at the reserve, Richmond Raceway and John Tonkin Park.

Mayor Jim O’Neill said the community had been supportive.

"It's been a collaborative approach with SMHS and we are really happy with the outcome,” Mr O’Neill said.

"We hope to roll these signs out in areas where our community feel smoking is affecting people's ability to enjoy our playgrounds. “

SMHS Health Promotion Manager Richard Crane said the initative was one way the team was working closely with local government to help prevent chronic communities.

"There is no safe level of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke,” Mr Crane said.

“Creating smoke-free outdoor areas makes smoking less visible to children and also supports those who have quit or are trying to quit.”

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