Researcher with microscopeResearch at Fremantle Hospital and other South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) sites plays a vital role in the delivery of a high standard of health care in Western Australia.

We have a range of active education and research programs, overseen by the SMHS Research and Development Unit (RDU) (external site).

The SMHS RDU unit provides ethical and governance review of proposed research projects and monitoring of approved research for all SMHS sites including:

  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Fremantle Hospital
  • Rockingham Peel Group
  • South Metropolitan Mental Health Service
  • South Metropolitan Population Health Unit.

Learn more about research across SMHS or read the 2019 SMHS Research Report (PDF 4.4MB).

Researchers, study co-ordinators and study sponsors should contact the RSDU unit as early as possible when planning a new research project or when considering adding a SMHS site to an existing project.

Research participants

If you are participating in a research project at Fremantle Hospital and are concerned about your rights or wish to complain about any aspect of a research project, please contact the SMHS RSDU by emai or phone (08) 6152 2064.