Our community

Consumer engagement is the process where organisations actively work and partner with consumers, carers and the community to design, plan and evaluate health care services.

Engagement occurs at different levels across Fremantle Hospital (FH) and South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) (external site), including:

  • engaging with consumers to provide feedback and assist in planning related to a specific unit or service
  • seeking consumers and the community participation and input into how services are delivered, evaluated and improved.

'Put it to the People' engagement platform

SMHS values hearing the diverse experiences and insights of our patients, families, carers and community.

Our easy-to-use online community engagement platform – Put it to the People – gives our consumers and community a voice in how SMHS delivers health care.

Read more about Put it to the People (external site) or visit the platform now (external site).


Volunteers make important contributions to our hospital and to the lives of our patients and their families. There are a number of ways you can get involved with our hospital: